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Do not travel before you have kids if you want to…

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

I have completed two around the world trips. The first trip was just after graduating from the University. The second trip was when my second kid turned two (and the first kid turned three and a half). I know first-hand that you definitely should NOT travel before you have kids if you want to…

… get to know amazing playground architecture around the world.

Traveling with kids give you countless opportunities to admire play structures around the world. Some are fun and inspired, but most are not.

…never go to a bar or a party.

No, not because kids are not allowed. But because by 8 PM you will be so exhausted and not even willing to go.

… the longest hikes you can go on are within 1-mile radius.

The added bonus is you will feel like summited Mount Everest after completing the 1-mile hike.

…. that the word backpacking changes meaning dramatically.

First, your adult backpack will turn into a bag of bricks with almost none of your things (think diapers, toys, bottles, wipes etc.) Second, in addition to your backpack you will need to carry these cute little backpacks, that your kids packed but only spent 5 minutes on their shoulders (photo op!) and now it is you who is dragging these mini backpacks around the world along with your big person backpack.

P.S. the mini backpacks are filled with plastic junk for the most part, but you cannot simply throw it away. Trust me, if you try, you will know what a real tantrum looks like.

…never be in the pictures.

Kids photos are so cute afterwards but you gotta take them, also why waste pictures on you!

…need a serious holiday right after every vacation.

Probably you have never been so tired in your life (but to be honest also so happy, fulfilled and in love with your kids).

In short. Do not wait until you make money, get promoted or have money. Go explore now, you will never regret it (just like you will never regret traveling with kids which of course I love).

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