• Julia Nowinska

How to Recognize a California Local: a Quick Guide

They say travel like locals do. But how to know who are the real locals in California?

Follow our guide to find out.

Californians put avocado on everything

Avocado toast is the unofficial staple food of California, but it is only a start. Californians would put avocado on anything and everything! Burgers, tacos, fries, you name it, you can put avocado on it.

They never call it Cali

While folks from different states or countries often refer to California as “Cali”, locals never do, It just does not sound appropriate.

They feel sorry for anyone not living here

Californians think that there is literally no better place on Earth than California. Even with smog, earthquakes, traffic, insane cost of living, and fires would not change their mind. When you say you live in a different part of the country or the world, they will say “how cool” and then look at you with this look saying “I am sorry, dude”.

Burrito is a big thing

They love talking about favorite burrito joints and generally about their burritos. San Francisco Chronicle journalists often ask their guests about their favorite burrito place in SF and I never heard them saying “I have none”. Everyone has a favorite burrito place, period.

Californians don’t like cold

Californians don’t like cold let alone snow, and you do not know how to dress appropriately when temperatures drop to the 30s.

Shorts and winter jacket? Flip flops and winter hat? Patagonia vest when it is raining?

Californians always dress as if it was warm and sunny. Even if it is not.

They laugh at Shake Shack, and go to In-N-Out instead

Why? Because it is from California and thus so much better (and og, the onion aftertaste also does the trick!)

They love everything gluten-free, vegan and organic

Just after they eat their In-N-Out, of course!

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